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Where next for technology, channels and media? (2024)

Today, in an ever increasingly complex world, technology continues to significantly shape our lives, how we communicate and provides new ways to engage with our various audiences.

So how do we separate fact from (science) fiction? What does the future of technology hold and what does this mean for how we can and should communicate? What is the metaverse and will extended reality (XR) really change how we do things? How much will AI change how we create content? And where next for digital advertising, channels and media?

We’ll take a look at what significant developments are happening today and where next for technology, channels and media. And we’ll debunk a few myths along the way.

Join Ross Granger, Senior Designer, and Andrew Elia, Managing Director of Arishi, at our Bright Talk, hear what we have to say, and take part in the conversation.

All our events are hybrid, run as webinars and in-person, at our offices on City Road, London, UK,  simultaneously. Please choose which option you prefer when signing up
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