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Brands that define and endure


Being different, all together

We built a face for the future without losing who Hollis is along the way


Employer brands that engage and motivate


Maintaining trust in a changing landscape

We leveraged a unique position while ensuring SWIFT remained relevant


Marketing that persuades and performs

Law firm:

Making a big difference with small actions

We developed an approach that galvanised internal support for an external drive


Communications that connect and inspire

Konica Minolta:

Transforming the workplace and evolving the brand

We built a global platform to support a category defining innovation


Insights and events

No one has the monopoly on being bright. Through our work, events and publications, we keep our thinking and creativity pushing at the boundaries. So you can too.

Our publications capture our perspective on the issues of the moment. Our Bright Talks provide a forum for debate on the challenges facing organisations. Download our publications or register for our events.

There are many challenges to getting a membership organisation brand right. Here are 16 common pitfalls, how many apply to you?

B2B businesses are complex beasts, so marketing them effectively can be tricky – how do you reflect the complexity without overwhelming audiences?

Whether you have to work within the boundaries of a global brand developed elsewhere, or you’re responsible for a brand that has to work globally, there are many challenges. As we respond to the pandemic, at different rates and with different approaches across the globe, those challenges have evolved further. So in our new and ever evolving context, what are the challenges and how do you tackle them?


Organisations need versatility to tackle the challenges they face. See where we can fit in.


Each client is different and every brief unique. Take a look at ours.

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