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Digital: who’s doing well and getting it right? (2021)

Over the past 12 months, we’ve experienced several years’ worth of digital acceleration and growth. Today we rely on digital channels for all aspects of our lives, across working, shopping and entertainment, and the lines between work and leisure are becoming increasingly blurred. Our reliance on digital is ever growing but the conversation with our audiences has changed forever. So, who’s getting it right and what can we learn from it?

Today, people are demanding more from the businesses they engage with and effective digital communications has never been so important. Technology has transformed the way people engage with brands and businesses are increasingly defined by the experience people have with all their digital touchpoints. But in an age of disinformation, how do you build trust, exchange information and truly engage with your audiences? We’ll look at examples of where companies are getting it right, and what else needs to be considered.  For example, how do you ensure that what you’re saying is actually what you’re doing? Are you communicating with authenticity and transparency? Are you merely storytelling or have you moved to story doing? Once you’ve created a great website, how do you make sure people see it? And how do you create the best experience for your all audiences both online and through digital marketing campaigns?

We’ll consider all these questions and more, and take a look at who’s getting it right, who could do better and what can we learn from it.
How green is your website?

Today, we have an energy consumption problem, and awareness about how much your website is contributing to the impact on the environment is key. So, what can you do to make your website more sustainable?

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