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Getting greater reach and more out of your website (2023)

With the focus on rebuild and reinvent, consideration around getting more out of your existing website is often lost. In a constantly evolving world, the temptation to reinvent your digital communications is often seen as the only option. But with thoughtful consideration around brand, user experience and design, getting more out of your existing website can be realistically achieved.

So, how do you get accessibility and inclusive design right? How do you ensure your website is carbon efficient and works towards your sustainability goals? How can content aid the user experience? And when you’ve considered all of that, how do you get internal buy-in to secure the budget to improve your website?

We’ll consider all of these challenges and more. We’ll share what we think, what we find interesting and inspiring, and give you the opportunity to say what you think too. Together, we’ll collectively debate how you can get more out of your website.

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How green is your website?

Today, we have an energy consumption problem, and awareness about how much your website is contributing to the impact on the environment is key. So, what can you do to make your website more sustainable?

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