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Measuring your brand and getting it right (2022)

How to measure your brand is probably the most asked question – and yet the most elusive. In a world of KPIs and OKRs, where marketing spend is more accountable than ever, you want to make sure any investment in your brand can be accounted for. So if you’re refreshing or reviewing your brand or employer brand, you want to understand and quantify the value those changes are delivering. Because it matters and because you’re likely to be answerable to someone who believes it does too.

But unlike marketing campaigns, it’s not a relatively straightforward matter of counting click-throughs, impressions, enquiries and sales. So how do you go about measuring your brand? In fact, what does ‘measuring’ mean? Creating value? Driving advocacy? Tracking ongoing awareness and success? In short, how can you answer the question ‘is this worth doing?’ and once done, how can you be sure that it’s all worked – and will continue to
caba: There for the everyday and the exceptional

We developed a brand strategy and identity that reflected the human element and broadened their appeal.
Engaging Gen Z with your brand and marketing

Generation Z: a whole new generation, with different communications preferences and motivated by different factors. How do you engage them with your brand and marketing?

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