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Moving from commitment to action in diversity, equity and inclusion




Afternoon session 17.00




Breakfast session 08.30

The focus on DE&I has been a long time coming, yet many firms struggle to bring their commitment to life. How do you articulate your particular commitment and once done, how do you show what you’re doing is more than words?

In this Bright Talk we’ll explore some of the reasons companies might struggle with their commitment to DE&I. We’ll consider where you could look to start defining your commitment, and if you know what you want to say, how you might go about communicating it. And given this is about actions, we’ll share some thoughts on what practically you could do take your commitment from words on a page to evidence that demonstrates you mean it.

Join Nick Thomson, Strategy Director, and Helen Moore, Design Director at our Bright Talk, hear what we have to say and take part in the conversation.

Our events are now all being run as webinars and in-person, at our offices on City Road, London, UK, running simultaneously. Please choose which option you prefer when signing up
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