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Brand management in a fluid environment (2019)

Back in March 2019, we discussed brand management, and  how change is the new constant in so many respects and technology is just one of the factors. So how do you manage your brand in an environment that’s ever changing and how do you future proof it, when anything is possible?


Arguably, we have never lived through a time of such dramatic change, where anything can happen and probably will. Brands have to be dynamic enough to flex to the demands of the rapidly changing landscape, and be fit for purpose, whatever that might mean. Is it possible to develop a brand that is truly future proofed, whatever the future? Technology is a significant factor in driving change. This means that we’ve never had such an array of channels and media at our fingertips. But how do you manage them coherently and spend them in a manner that meets the needs of all of your audiences? And with audiences in mind, with millennials we are witnessing a distinct shift in communication preferences, but what does this actually mean and how do you adapt your brand and communications to work for them?

In this Frank Discussion, we explore the changes in demographics, disposition, technology and certainty, sharing our experiences and observations. We won’t have all the answers or even all the questions, but let’s explore and build a view around the best way of building a brand in today’s unprecedented landscape.
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