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Branding and marketing in professional services: who’s getting it right? (2020)

The lines between professional services brands are blurring. Join us as we review the latest sector trends, see how the best are differentiating themselves, what they’re doing to stay relevant and how they’re attracting the best talent. Then ask yourself how you can sharpen your brand stand-out?

In this Bright Talk we’ll take a broad perspective across professional services and share some of the themes emerging and some of the brands that are doing things a little bit differently. We’ll look at how brands, big or small, specialist or generalist, are trying to differentiate themselves when the convergence of professional services is changing the nature of the sector. We’ll explore if brands are becoming more human or whether a more corporate and faceless approach dominates. We’ll look at how brands are projecting a more genuine approach to diversity, inclusion and sustainability. And we’ll look at how firms are appealing to graduates and lateral hires who might want more of a work life balance in what has historically been a demanding environment.

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