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Communicating your commitment and broadening your view on D&I (2020)

If you haven’t nailed your communications approach to diversity and inclusion, now is the time to do it. Of course, it’s also dependent on your organisation having a clear and robust policy on D&I in the first place. If you haven’t, then it’s long overdue. Wherever you’ve got to, it’s all too easy to build a communications approach based on your strategy for strands alone, a small collection of initiatives or an articulation of why D&I matters (rather than your particular commitment to it). How do you broaden your view and get it right?

D&I is arguably the most important issue of our times. And having a strong policy isn’t enough. You need to have a powerful communications approach that makes it clear to your people, your clients and the world at large, exactly where you stand. So how do you express your narrative with character and veracity – hard for a national business but deeply challenging for an international one? How do you avoid the visual cliches? How do you get the message right around strands and sharing your successes? How do you communicate your progress in a world where you may not be achieving the level of equality you ultimately want to achieve? And how do you keep it all going and build up a head of steam?

We’ll consider all these questions and more. We’ll share our point of view and give you the opportunity to share yours too. Let’s see if it moves us forward.
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