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Building the potency of your employer brand for a changed workplace (2021)

In a world where the workplace is a myriad of places and not just the office, it’s getting harder and harder for your brand and employee communications to have the cut through they need. How do you build strength and reach into them?

The current situation has forced companies to embrace ways of working that they might have only thought about, or considered too problematic. Whatever, we’ve had to make it work and for many the future workplace will never be what it was. But what does this mean when it comes to creating your employer brand, your culture and communications? How do you immerse your people in your brand when they’re remote? Does the increased reliance on technology and the fluid environment put you more on an even footing with the younger start-ups, and if so, what does this mean for your EVP? And what about how you communicate with future talent who perhaps feel their hopes and purpose have been dashed? Does this mean you have to adapt the tone of your communication too?

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Rokos Capital Management: Driving excellence and a belief in the future

Our digital and social storytelling campaign helped showcase the human face of the firm.
Making your employer brand fit for purpose in a new era

How do you align your commitments and create an employer brand that people want to be part of?

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