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Capturing your authentic commitment to ESG in your brand communications (2023)

Communicating your particular commitment to ESG matters to most of your stakeholders and the authenticity matters most of all. How do you frame your commitment in a manner that’s credible, clear and engaging, and how do you ensure it’s in tune with your brand?

In a world where businesses are, quite rightly, under increasing scrutiny to act responsibly, getting this right is important – for your clients, your people and beyond. There’s much to consider. In basic communications terms, do we all mean the same thing when we think ESG? What’s the right terminology? Does it matter? And if authenticity is key, how do you communicate your commitment if you’ve barely started on the journey? Who’s doing it well and what can we learn from them?

Join Alison Sato, Client Services Director and Janet Edwards, Creative Director at our Bright Talk, hear what we have to say, and take part in the conversation.

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