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Delivering an effective B2B marketing campaign




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There’s a deluge of great B2C campaigns but examples of great B2B campaigns are hard to find. What can we learn from B2C, what does good look like, what’s reasonable to expect and once done, how do you know it was worth it?

Our events are now all being run as webinars and in-person, at our offices on City Road, London, UK, running simultaneously. Please choose which option you prefer when signing up. Timings are all GMT.
Freshfields: Expecting more from graduate recruitment

We brought to life what graduates could really expect - the good and the challenging - from a Freshfields training contract.
How green is your website?

Today, we have an energy consumption problem, and awareness about how much your website is contributing to the impact on the environment is key. So, what can you do to make your website more sustainable?

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