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Employer brand: cutting through the clutter (2019)

The role of an employer brand has always been to help attract and retain talent. However, people’s attitudes towards work have changed, this means employer brands need to change too.

Take the best graduates. They’ll no longer automatically apply to the top companies but are more likely to look around for somewhere that fits their personal values. This means companies have to work harder to stand out and be more transparent with their beliefs and purpose. And with the ease of finding reviews that are out of your control, the necessity to create and manage an authentic picture of your company is even more challenging. But it’s not just about creating slick marketing materials that make people take note. How you behave as a company is just as important as what you say – the experience has to match the expectations, otherwise you’ll only send people running to share their reality online.

We’ll look at who’s creating stand out and how, who’s creating a consistent experience and who’s not, and share some pointers to help you cut through the clutter.
Freshfields: Expecting more from graduate recruitment

We brought to life what graduates could really expect - the good and the challenging - from a Freshfields training contract.
Making your brand fit for the future

When considering your brand, how can you realign it to the new world we’re finding ourselves in – whatever that world is going to be?

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