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Employer brand: the good, the bad, and the ugly 2022

As we emerge from life under lockdown, employer brand, EVP or whatever you choose to call it, is increasingly a focus. Being clear about what defines your employee experience in the new world order, matters more than ever to your people and your prospective employees. So this year’s employer brand review looks at who’s doing it well, who’s not quite hitting the mark and what lessons can we learn from them, in a very different landscape.

As employer brand has shot up the agenda, it has also become more complex. How do you get it right, when what people want from their work experience and career is in a state of flux? How do you – or do you – connect your employer brand promise with your purpose, approach to diversity and inclusion, and approach to wellbeing? How do you build cut-through when people are spending more time at home? And how can you ensure you get things right when you implement them across the employee lifecycle?

We’ll reflect on these challenges and more. We’ll share some engaging – and less engaging – examples to bring our perspective to life. And we’ll give you the opportunity to have your say too.

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