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Employer brand: re-engaging your people in a changed workplace (2022)

As businesses think beyond the pandemic, what has been the impact of the last two years on employer brands and what does this mean moving forward? With different companies offering different working arrangements to employees, how do you build your employer brand when all the rules have been ripped up? How do you foster an environment that builds a strong culture and helps people develop when employees may have more flexible arrangements? How do you meaningfully engage your people in your brand? What about attracting talent, especially if you can’t compete on salary? And as responsibility becomes more important, how do you practice what you preach with your own people?

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Rokos Capital Management: Driving excellence and a belief in the future

Our digital and social storytelling campaign helped showcase the human face of the firm.
Making your employer brand fit for purpose in a new era

How do you align your commitments and create an employer brand that people want to be part of?

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