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Employer brand: the good, the bad and the ugly (2019)

Whether you call it your employer brand or simply what your brand means for your people, there’s no question that getting it right is key. So who’s doing it well, who’s not quite hitting the mark and what lessons can we learn from them?

Probably more than any other area of brand and communications, from organisation to organisation, the employer brand has different owners, uses different terminology and is either tightly connected or totally disconnected from the brand as a whole. How do you get the lexicon right, how do you navigate the tribulations around ‘ownership’ and how detached or otherwise should the employer brand be? In an uncertain world, the strength and potency of your employer brand may and perhaps should be the primary thing on offer to your people. But with the biggest and the best tripping up, the employer brand and EVP offers can be hard to believe. How can you create the cut through and veracity you really need? Whilst the rumble is about Millennials, the workplace has never been more eclectic. What are the differences and what, if anything, unites them?

We’ll consider all these questions, as well as illustrating our thoughts with who’s getting it right, who could do better and who’s getting it downright wrong.
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Making your brand fit for the future

When considering your brand, how can you realign it to the new world we’re finding ourselves in – whatever that world is going to be?

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