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Employer brand: the good, the bad and the ugly 2020

If ever there were a year that’s demonstrated the importance of employer brand, it’s this year – whether it’s bringing your brand to life for your people in the most challenging and physically remote circumstances, or engaging them in your inevitable journey of resetting to make the most of a different road ahead. So this year’s employer brand review will inevitably have a slightly different focus. However, we’ll still take a good look at who’s doing it well, who’s not quite hitting the mark and what lessons can we learn from them.


Whilst it’s been a year where employer brand has finally shot right up the agenda, many of the usual challenges still prevail, whether it’s over who owns it, how connected it is to the wider brand or how to engage multiple generations in the workplace. However, there’s a raft of things to consider too. How can you make your employer brand a strategic priority while budgets are more than a little constrained? How can you increase the potency of your employer brand while maintaining its veracity? How can you create cut through when your people may still be far apart? How can you continue to engage when you may be making some tough decisions about the future of your business? And how can you create an employer brand that’s fit for purpose in a world where the employer/employee relationship has perhaps changed forever.

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