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Engaging Gen Z with your brand and marketing (2021)

Generation Z: a whole new generation, with different communications preferences and motivated by different factors. How do you engage them in your brand and marketing?

Gen Z isn’t round the corner. They’re in your intern and graduate programmes, in your offices (virtual or otherwise) and in your target audience right now. So how do you separate fact from fiction and avoid over-simplification? Have communication and societal changes accelerated by the pandemic narrowed the generation gap? How do brands need to evolve to resonate with those born after 1997? How do you deliver marketing with the right kind of impact – rather than of the ‘dad dancing’ variety? And how do you ensure your communications speak effectively not only to Gen Z but the 4 other generations alongside them in the workplace?

Join us at our Bright Talk, hear what we have to say and take part in the debate.

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