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Getting more out of marketing when you need it most (2021)

Whether you’re driving products and services or winning hearts and minds, since the pandemic, tough just got tougher. How can you make your marketing work really hard?

It’s an ‘all change’ moment. So does this mean organisations have permission to be different, or is a more conservative approach likely to win over hearts, minds and pockets? Being digital and social first, is so fundamental, it now goes without saying, so what next for these now far from ‘new’ media? Demonstrating your offer is salient and standing out, in a changed and changing context, is a tough balance to strike. So how can you market to inspire confidence and gain cut through? Who’s getting it right, what can we learn from those who are getting it wrong and how can we get marketing to perform when it’s never mattered more?

Join us for this Bright Talk where we’ll reflect on these points and more.
Wellington Management: Fresh thinking for a global brand

We created a distinct campaign to stand out in a competitive and crowded marketplace.
Managing graduate recruitment in the new context

The war for talent has never been so fierce. Throw a pandemic into the mix and you have a whole different ball game.

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