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Managing global in the new context (2020)

Whether you have to work within the boundaries of a global brand developed elsewhere, or you’re responsible for a brand that has to work globally, there are many challenges. As we respond to the pandemic, at different rates and with different approaches across the globe, those challenges have evolved further. So in our new and ever evolving context, what are the challenges and how do you tackle them?

It’s always been difficult to manage the balance between respecting individuality and maintaining consistency, so has this become easier or harder and either way, how do you strike the right balance? At a moment in time, when you’re trying to find your voice in a changed and changing world, how do you respond to the differences between geographies, as well as the differing positions in relation to the pandemic? And in a moment where we’ve seen years’ worth of digital acceleration in the space of months, and the world feels as if it has reached an inflexion point, have the challenges in managing a global brand truly changed, if so how – and how do you respond to them?

At a moment where no one can lay claim to truly have all the answers, we have a point of view. We’d like to share it and hear yours. Let’s see if it moves us forward.
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Managing global in the new context

Six challenges the ‘new normal’ presents, we share what we’ve learned and ask the question whether managing global has really fundamentally changed at all.

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