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Marketing communications in the real world (June 2020)

With constrained budgets, a complex offer to promote in a nutshell, a dizzying array of channels to choose from and five generations in today’s workplace to communicate with, marketing has never been more challenging. And that was before the pandemic. So how do you get more for less out of your marketing communications and ensure they perform?

Marketing in the world of business-to-business has never been easy. COVID-19 means the challenge has gone up by multiple notches and ‘constrained budgets’ can read ‘no budget whatsoever’. How can you make the complex simple – and engaging? When your choice of channels and media has just shrunk, what do you choose, how can you make the most of it and above all, how can create cut through when everyone else is doing the same thing? Is it possible to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and if you can, how do you make it land with Baby Boomers, Gen Z and everything in between? Oh and which messages are more likely to land when so many audiences will be in ‘survival mode’?

We’ll reflect on these questions and more, and together we’ll find a few answers. Join us with your questions and thoughts.
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Marketing communications: making the complex simple

How do you reflect the complexity within B2B businesses without overwhelming audiences?

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