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Professional services: branding in a partnership structure (2019)

Branding and communication in partnership structures has its own challenges. As firms try to stand out many are falling into similar traps.

In a bid to come across as the biggest and best, partnerships are failing to capture and communicate their purpose well, if at all. A long and illustrious history might be important and provide credibility but talking about the past doesn’t mean you’ll be relevant for the future. Given human relationships are essential, many brands are devoid of people. And just because the world is becoming more complex, it doesn’t mean your brand should be complex too.

If this isn’t challenging enough, you also have to convince a collection of personally invested individuals to spend on getting it right (whilst explaining that brand is more than just the name above the door and the paint on the walls).

In this Bright Talk we’ll explore some of the opportunities and some of the challenges in professional services branding. Join us on 13 June to share your thoughts and views.
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