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Redefining creativity in the changing world of B2B (2023)

Right now, the world of business-to-business is characterised by creeping uncertainty. Creativity brings joy and it’s also an inventive problem-solver. And in these changing times we’ve never needed those two commodities more. So what can innovation in creativity do to help tackle the needs of business-to-business? What are new developments in technology delivering? What else is happening that creativity can leverage? What is creativity anyway and to what does it apply?

Join Janet Edwards, Creative Director, and Laura Dunne, Designer, at our #BrightTalk, hear what we have to say, and take part in the conversation.

Our events are now hybrid, run as webinars and in-person, at our offices on City Road, London, UK,  simultaneously. Please choose which option you prefer when signing up

You can read the content for this event here.
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