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Visual identity: tackling the greatest challenges (2022)

The pandemic has changed the way that brands need to communicate – digital first is no longer an option, it’s a prerequisite. This means your priorities for the places and spaces that your visual identity needs to work have changed, for good. Your brand elements need to be more flexible, agile, accessible and distinctive. Even the practicalities of how they’re implemented needs to be reconsidered, to ensure they’re still fit for purpose in our new hybrid world.

So how do you get your visual assets right from the start? How do you ensure your brand can communicate effectively on everything from a tiny social media avatar to the expanse of the metaverse? How do you keep your brand consistent, but still stay fresh and agile? What about the practicalities of PowerPoint or online accessibility? How do you curate a unique and ownable image library, without the budget for a global photo shoot? And once you’ve got all of these assets, what’s the best and most effective way of ensuring all of your global teams can access them easily?

We’ll consider these challenges and more. We’ll share what we think, what we find interesting and inspiring, and give you the opportunity to say what you think too. We’ll help you make sure your visual identity not only looks great, but it works hard too.

Our events are now all being run as webinars and in-person, at our offices on City Road, London, UK, running simultaneously. Please choose which option you prefer when signing up. 

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