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Visual identity: who’s getting it right and what can we learn from it? (2021)

We see visual identity as a way of bringing brand strategy to life. It’s not superficial, about painting the front door or rearranging the cushions. And it’s not just about the logo. It’s a careful balancing act of colour palettes, typography, imagery and graphic devices, all performing individual roles, but coming together to create just the right impression. But it can be baffling and subjective, and easy to get caught up in personal preferences.

So how do you make the right decisions about visual identity – whether you’re going for a refresh or wholesale change? How do you create a fresh, modern impression, but make sure it’s future-proof and not following the latest trends? How do you build in visual stretch to make sure you can communicate in all the ways you need to, to all your different audiences? How has our changed world affected how we see things, and what we want to see in brands? Authenticity has never been more important, but how far should you go? With digital leading a move towards visual simplification, what are you left with if you strip everything away? As boundaries blur between work life and home life what can we learn from consumer visual trends that are relevant to B2B? And how do you make sure it’s practical and easy to use without losing the magic?

We’ll consider these questions and more. We’ll share what we think, and what we find interesting and inspiring, and give you the opportunity to say what you think too, so you can make sure your visual identity creates the right impression.
IET: Inspiring a better engineered world

We created a position that reflected the weight, distinctiveness and relevance of the organisation.
Building your brand across digital, social and activation

Brands have a plethora of channels to build loyalty and engagement. But how should you approach branding through the lens of digital, social and wider activation?

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