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Hopestead is a new charitable foundation tackling homelessness in eastern England. Hopestead wants to be different, telling individual stories to understand why people experience homelessness and breaking down stereotypes. Ideas of community, belonging and creating connections to empower people to take control of their lives and start afresh, sit at the centre of Hopestead’s story. Hopestead partners with other organisations and we needed to convey the scale and skills this required too.


A naming process created ‘Hopestead’ – strong and optimistic. Our strapline ‘Everyone deserves a place to call home’ boldly encapsulated Hopestead’s core belief. Our brand story and values conveyed distinctiveness. The visual identity used warm and approachable colours balanced with visceral black and white imagery, with punchy typography ‘shouting’ our cause. The concept of ‘story quilts’ captured a rich, tapestry of individuals’ and partners’ stories.

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  • Brand reviews, audits and research
  • Brand positioning, narrative and messaging
  • Brand values and behaviours
  • Tone of voice
  • Naming
  • Visual identity
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Client feedback

I do love it because it tells our story but I mostly love it because it so brilliantly tells the story of those that have experienced homelessness

Marie-Claire Delbrouque


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