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L&Q is one of the UK’s leading housing charities and developers. Their brand needs to balance commercial interests with social purpose. However, it had started to tip more towards the private commercial side and with developments creating their own communication, the essence and value of L&Q was becoming lost. We had to help the brand rediscover its purpose, express the quality of their homes and create a visual system that established a clear relationship between the core brand and development brands.


By recrafting their vision to ‘developing better ways to live through delivering better places to live’ we have shifted L&Q to a ‘better lives’ business which places their social purpose right at the heart of the brand. Couplet headline messages and two core colours convey both the functional and the emotional benefits. A dynamic shape creates a window into people’s lives and combines with rich textures to represent the quality of the homes. The master logo has been retained and placed into a quality tag to create greater prominence. Different sophisticated colour hues have been added to help add quality for marketing the development brands.


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Client feedback

FBA’s research and strategy was excellent. They went above and beyond and what we’ve ended up with is brilliant

Olivia Moss

Brand and strategic marketing director

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