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caba is the charity helping the ICAEW community thrive in their personal and professional lives. However, many in their community don’t know what caba is or understand its relevance. We sharpened their vision where everyone in their community can fully participate in life. We needed to develop a brand strategy and identity that reflected this human element, broadened their appeal whilst acknowledging that everyone is different.


Our brand positioning of “giving people the strength to face the everyday and the exceptional” establishes a creative platform that allows the brand to express life’s variety in a vibrant, colourful, balanced and human way. A set of contrasting and complementary brand personality attributes help steer creative balance too, ensuring the brand can flex for different needs or occasions in different ways, so that individuals can understand caba and see themselves in the brand in the way they couldn’t before.

caba - for the everyday and the exceptional
caba - for advice and support
caba - branded posters
caba branded brochure spreads
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Client feedback

We’re a people organisation and at last we’re a people brand. We’re now in a far better position to support individuals in our community so they can thrive throughout life.

Lauren Rogers

Head of Marketing and Communications, caba


  • Brand review, audits and research
  • Brand positioning, narrative and messaging
  • Brand values and behaviours
  • Tone of voice
  • Visual identity
  • Implementation, launch and roll out planning
  • Engagement
  • Brand guidelines
  • Launch communications
Communications implementation
  • Literature and stationery
  • Presentations
  • Merchandise
  • Website
  • Copywriting
  • Training
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