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Building, activating and living your employer brand everywhere

How do you develop it, ensure it works for everyone, everywhere and ultimately embed and activate it?

Visual identity: tackling the greatest challenges

The places your visual identity needs to work have changed, for good. Your brand elements need to be more flexible, agile, accessible and distinctive.

Engaging Gen Z with your brand and marketing
Brand, Employer brand, Marketing
Engaging Gen Z with your brand and marketing

Generation Z: a whole new generation, with different communications preferences and motivated by different factors. How do you engage them with your brand and marketing?

Building a responsible brand and getting it right

Responsibility is an important theme for assets managers and investment companies right now. But how is it influencing brand? We’ve reviewed the sector and found six key insights.

SWIFT campaign image
SWIFT: Maintaining trust in a changing landscape

We leveraged a unique position while ensuring SWIFT remained relevant.

Konica Minolta brand image
Konica Minolta: Transforming the workplace and evolving the brand

We built a global platform to support a category defining innovation.

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