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As a consulting and infrastructure support services business, Amey is committed to delivering better places to live, work and travel. Amey’s people take pride in making a difference and being the difference. The employer brand and EVP needed to be updated to reflect the exciting reality within the organisation, and drive attraction and retention.


We created a clear relationship between the brand and the employer brand, by building it around ‘be the better’ – highlighting Amey’s people are ‘the better’ in delivery of the country’s infrastructure services. The audience messaging translates what this means for different employee groups. The EVP works across all levels of seniority. Our engagement with Amey’s Changemakers ensured the results were authentic and engaging.


Employer brand services
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Client feedback

The team worked like a well-oiled machine, from the quality of their strategic thinking, to their creativity, practicality of their guidance and above all, their ability to take the organisation with them.

Ellen Stevens

Corporate communications manager, Amey
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